WBC-INCO.NET Journal: Fall/Winter 2009


Dear readers,

after about one and a half years of its implementation, WBC-INCO.NET has been involved in a number of different activities and reached several positive results. Thus, in this issue we inform you about the current plans to enhance the project's work towards the field of innovation (see pages 2 and 3).

RTD cooperation between all stakeholders in the region is growing continuously, as acknowledged by the Steering Platform on Research during its last meeting in Liblice, Czech Republic (the conclusions of the meeting are published on pages 1 and 2). Commissioner Janez Potočnik recently appraised the work of the Steering Platform itself at a research information event in Serbia (see pages 4 and 12).

One of this issue's highlights is the article on effective brain circulation by Sohail Luka of the European Commission, which is part of this issue's main topic, EURAXESS and mobility (pages 6 and 7). A second focus deals with the current activities of the Regional Cooperation Council (see page 18). As usual, we are also presenting you news from the region (pages 8 ff) and different initiatives in and for South East Europe (pages 14 ff).

We hope you will enjoy reading.

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Elke Dall and Katarina Rohsmann

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