eIFL.net and access to knowledge in the Western Balkans

This is the article on Electronic Information for Libraries (eIFL.net). It discusses the possibilities of affordable access to e-resources to the countries in its network through cooperation with local libraries. Currently eIFL.net includes library consortia in 50 countries in Central, Eastern and South-east Europe, former Soviet Union, Africa, the Middle-East and South-east Asia. The goal of the eIFL.net member library consortia is to offer to many as possible developing and transition countries the possibility of the pursuit of global access to knowledge and information. The article also emphasizes the development of the infractrusture of the libriaries in the Western Balkans and the access to knowledge and information in the libraries in the area.
eIFL.net (2008): eIFL.net and access to knowledge in the Western Balkans


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Electronic Information for Libraries
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  • Western Balkans

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