WBC-INCO.NET Journal: Spring 2007

Our report on the 2nd Steering Platform meeting is followed by updates from the EC highlighting the association of Western Balkan countries to FP7 and a possibility for you to influence European policies on R&D: The opportunity of an open consultation process to make your voices heard should not be missed!
see-science.eu invited the Joint Research Centre, the Stability Pact, the Central European Initiative, CEEPUS, RIBN and other stakeholders to contribute to this issue.
Doris Pack, Member of the European Parliament and chairwoman of the EP’s Delegation to South Eastern Europe, provides us with an article on her view of successful cooperation strategies in S&T and education. On page 4, you will find an update on the transformation of the Stability Pact towards a Regional Cooperation Council. And a topic which is being discussed by lots of relevant stakeholders and researchers is featured on page 6: visa facilitation for the WBC.
The country focus this time is on the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. We also provide a short overview of Italian initiatives regarding WBC (page 8 and 9). Each issue discusses a thematic priority of FP7 and “Energy” has been chosen this time (page 10 and 11). Motivating researchers from the region to participate in the Framework Programme is an important task and some relevant activities are presented on page 11. The interpretation of rules and regulations of FP7 is dealt with in the section “frequently asked questions” on page 13. We are sure most of our readers are interested in the developments of the SEE-ERA.NET Pilot Joint Call - we have learned that more than 1000 research teams were involved in proposed projects. Last but not least, we provide you with an overview of databases to facilitate the search for project partners and recommended reading. I am looking forward to your feedback.

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