Strategy of scientific research activities of the Republic of Montenegro

This document is the Strategy of Republic of Montengro on scientific-research activities for the period 2008-2012

  The following goals were set in the strategy:

-         to raise the importance of science and research in the context of socio-economic development and transformation into modern knowledge-based society

-         to offer the government of Montenegro expert framework, recommendations and support in concrete activities undertaken with aim to improve and create conditions for scientific reasearch and to show the responsible ministries the necessity of investing in science and research.

-         to ensure financial means for investin in science and scientific infrastructure according to recommendations set in Lisbon strategy and to propose the corresponding dynamics of financing depending on the restraints of GDP.

-         to achieve  an important role  and decisive importance of human resources for development of science and technology, at first place through the development of the potentials of young scientist and through participation in European Research Area (ERA)

-         to stimulate technological development and innovation and to draw the attention of the economic subjects on the fact that their success on the market depends also on development and use of new findings, sucessfulness of accepting and promoting research results and development of new technologies attractive for the market

-         to give recommendations for optimisation and eventual re-organisation of institutional framework in order to achieve more effective realisation of scientific and research activities

-         to raise  the importance of informing on science and role of Information-Communication Technologies

-         to achieve a system of stimulative legislative measures(tax measures) and appriorate regulative policies(protection of intellectual property).

-         To identify the most important responsibilities in the field of science and research, taking into account the economic, technological and human resources comparative advantanges of Montenegro

-         To identify with help of corresponding action priorities and activities as well as method for evaluation of activities


Minisatrstvo za prosvjetu i nauku(2008): Strategija naucno-istrazivacke djelatnosti Crne Gore(2008-2012)



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