Gallup Balkan Monitor - Focus On: Perceptions of the EU in the Western Balkans

The GBM Focus On: Perceptions of the EU in the Western Balkans” gives a first impression of how the people of the region feel about the EU.

Overall, the Western Balkans is not a homogeneous region with uniform views of Europe: the GBM produces a complex picture that shows a vast range of perceptions about the EU at a country-level and below. Opinions recorded in the survey range from outright and even growing EU euphoria (e.g. in Kosovo and Albania) to the start of a feeling of alienation (e.g. in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina). The GBM results from the FYR of Macedonia and Bosnia also reflect the often conflicting views of ethnic groups living within these countries; these situations make it difficult for both European and national policymakers to create an all-encompassing policy.


Gallup Balkan Monitor: Focus On:Perceptions of the EU in the Western Balkans, 2009.



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