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"This Report was written by Tiago Santos Pereira of the Coimbra University in Portugal on the basis of a series of fact-finding missions and extensive discussions with national experts conducted, on behalf of UNESCO-BRESCE, in October and November 2005, and February 2006, in several of the countries of South Eastern European region.
The present Report presents the results of a Pilot Study on ‘Enhancing Science Policy and Management in South East Europe: S&T Statistics and Indicators Systems’, which consists of two main deliverables. The first deliverable corresponds to the main part of this Report. Following the Terms of Reference it consists of “an analytical report concerning the state of the art of the production (from the qualitative and quantitative points of view) of S&T statistics and indicators” in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic (FYR) of Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia; and a project proposal for future activities to be undertaken in this area."
Source: UNESCO Portal, as accessed in May 2007.
Santos Pereira, Tiago (2007): Enhancing Science Policy and Management in South Eastern Europe. Science Policy Series. 4th volume. Science and Technology Statistics and Indicators Systems.
Printed copies of the Report can be also obtained under request to:
Iulia Nechifor, Series co-ordinator, UNESCO-BRESCE


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