Gallup Balkan Monitor - Focus On: The impact of migration

The Gallup Balkan Monitor’s Focus on Migration report brings first-hand data to this ongoing debate, as it summarises the experiences and opinions of Balkan people on all aspects of migration. This data was collected in two waves of the Balkan Monitor survey – in 2006 and 2008. The findings show that while relatively high percentages of Western Balkan residents have considered leaving their home countries, these numbers have tended to decrease in recent years. Relatively few people now have concrete migration plans for the near future. The report also sheds light on the demographic structure of those residents willing to leave and on the target countries of citizens migrating from the Western Balkans. Another important finding on migration is the impact of the inflow of remittances. They were referred to by a remarkably high number of interviewees and constitute a relatively high percentage of household income for their recipients.


Gallup Balkan Monitor: Focus On: The impact of migration, 2009.






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