Small and medium-sized enterprises development (National Report Croatia)

This is a paper written by dr. Slavica Singer and Boris Lauc. It states that in the last 15 years, the SME sector in Croatia has played an increasingly important role in generating new businesses and employment. The major characteristics of the SME sector in Croatia are low entrepreneurial activity , low share of growth-oriented businesses, huge administrative barriers, undeveloped financial market, lack of education focused on developing entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. Recommendations to make the SME sector a stronger employment generator, as well as a stronger contributor to the GDP and export
capacity of Croatia are also presented. The paper reveals many statistical data.
Singer, Slavica. Lauc, Boris (2004): Small and medium-sized enterprises development (National Report Croatia). Available from:, accessed 22.9.2005.


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CEPOR SME's Policy Think Tank Centre
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