National Information and Communication Technologies Strategy (Albania)

This is a strategy made by the Government of Albania. The goal of the Information and Communication Technologies Strategy project - co-financed by the Open Society Institute, the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs , and UNDP Albania - is to facilitate efforts by the Government of Albania, in cooperation with other national and international stakeholders, to develop a National ICT Strategy that identifies mechanisms and legal and fiscal frameworks needed to implement e-government, e-education and e -commerce initiatives, and the continued development of ICT infrastructure. The Strategy builds on the many individual and sectoral e-initiatives already being implemented by other development organisations. The strategy will build on all current ICT activities, identify linkages and complementary development approaches, as well as identify new areas of intervention. This Strategy document describes the general goals of the Strategy and defines a number of strategic actions that serve to achieve these general goals.
The Government of Albania (2003): National Information and Communication Technologies Strategy. Available from:, accessed 07.01.2008.


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The Government of Albania
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