Strategy for Development of Higher Education in Kosova (2005-2015)

The document of the strategy for the development of higher education represents a further step in the process of public consultation with a wide range of stakeholders in the higher education. The starting point of new transformations and developments in the higher education is the new political, social and economic reality in Kosovo. The system of higher education needs reform, transformation and remodeling in order to serve for the new social order, to meet the national needs and to respond to the new realities and opportunities. The strategy document makes it clear that the higher education system needs to reform, transform, and extend in order to become more efficient. This is a challenging task that requires strenuous efforts from all either directly engaged in higher education or interested in its development.
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (2004): Strategy for Development of Higher Education in Kosova (2005-2015). Available from:, accessed 15.3.2006.


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