Universities shaping the European Higher Education Area

This report provides a comprehensive view of the state of European Higher Education - as seen by higher education institutions themselves.

More than 900 European higher education institutions contributed to this report, either by responding to a wide-ranging questionnaire, or by hosting visits of research teams, or through providing input in other meetings. EUA is deeply grateful to everyone in the higher education community who has contributed to this common endeavour.

The report shows the progress made by Europe’s universities in implementing the Bologna reforms, and outlines the main challenges ahead. It is thus a significant publication for all those concerned with European higher education, whether universities and students, or governments, business and industry, or other stakeholders.

Crosier, David. Purser, Lewis. Smidt, Hanne (2006): Universities shaping the European Higher Education Area. Available from: http://www.dfes.gov.uk/londonbologna/uploads/documents/Final_Trends_Report_V_May.pdf, accessed 08.01.2008.


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