SEE-ERA.NET White Paper

The SEE-ERA.NET White Paper in a nutshell
  • The WHITE PAPER offers strategic recommendations and implementation scenarios for connecting the research systems of Southeast Europe to the European Research Area
  • The WHITE PAPER identifies opportunities for developing S&T policy strategies, fostering of institutional reforms, institution building and infrastructure development in the Western Balkan countries
  • The WHITE PAPER presents scenarios for improving human capacity building and international mobility and provides advice for fostering of the innovation potential in the Western Balkan countries through academia-industry relationships
  • The WHITE PAPER indicates how the Western Balkan countries can use the full potential of the EU Framework Programmes on Research and Technological Development by recommending new mechanisms to allow the docking of Western Balkans institutions to established European consortia
  • The WHITE PAPER is accompanied by a Joint Action Plan which includes concrete implementation scenarios in the Regional Programme for Cooperation with South-East Europe (accessible online at
  • The WHITE PAPER is presented by the Southeast European Era-Net (SEE-ERA.NET), a networking project, financed by the European Commission and managed by a consortium of 17 ministries and funding bodies from 14 European countries (including all Western Balkan countries) and is published in the well-known scientific journal Transition Studies Review (TSR), Springer Wien New York, 2007
E. Rost, J. Sonnenburg, R. Hanatschek, K. Heinz, P. Barré, R. Fuchs, A. Gjonaj, F. Gruber, S. Koprivica, S. Krusic, P. Mayr, I. Mihail, H. Panjeta, N. Sidiropoulos, V. Stefov, A. Stoklaska, S. Szigeti, J.-L. Teffo, I. Videnovic, A. Vutsova, D. Simon, H. Matthies


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