Art and Science: Creative Fusion

This publication looks at art & science – an autonomous field uniting art and science which are typically thought to belong to two different worlds. However, these two domains have strong historical links, and if analysed in their totality, date back to the very beginning of human creativity, fuelled by curiosity and ingenuity. Today more and more artists are drawing inspiration from science and using the latest technology and research in their art, while scientists and researchers are realising the artistic elements of their work and finding ways to use art to communicate better with their stakeholders.
Both striving to materialise the immaterial, art and science are constantly in motion and together they can lead to what is labelled the ‘third culture’.
This publication aims to explain the theory behind the arts–science interface and illustrates this academic perspective using concrete examples, including projects, institutions and festivals. In addition, it seeks to strengthen the role of a new artistic–scientific community in producing knowledge, imagination and practice, as well as in intercultural exchange and cooperation. Both art and science are domains that help to understand each other better. In this way, this publication can also serve as a link between the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue in 2008 and the European Year of Creativity and Innovation in 2009.



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