Transition pathway for tourism

On 10 March 2020, the Commission adopted a new industrial strategy. The aim was to help EU industry lead the green and digital transformations and to boost the EU's global competitiveness and open strategic autonomy. In light of the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic, the update of the EU industrial strategy highlighted the need to further accelerate the green and digital transitions and increase the resilience of the EU industrial ecosystems. To do so, the Commission proposed launching transition pathways that are co-created with stakeholders, as an essential collaborative process to help the transformation of industrial ecosystems. As the tourism ecosystem was the hardest hit by the pandemic and faces major challenges to achieve the twin transition, it was the first industrial ecosystem in which a co-creation process was launched to develop a transition pathway. The aim of this report is to describe the measures and outputs needed to accelerate the green and digital transitions and improve the resilience of the tourism ecosystem. The objective is to encourage and invite all groups and stakeholders in the tourism ecosystem to engage and play their part in the initiative. The work to prepare the pathway has followed a collaborative approach involving all stakeholder groups. Similar active and productive collaboration should support also the way forward. Following the publication of this report, the Commission will invite tourism stakeholders to present their commitments to the transition pathway for tourism, and it will establish collaboration processes for the co-implementation and monitoring of the work. The follow-up of the transition pathway will be facilitated by an online stakeholder collaboration platform, which is to be established by end of 2022. The transition pathway work also meets the request of the European Council in its conclusions of 27 May 2021 to invite “the Commission and Member States, in participation with relevant stakeholders, to design a European Agenda for Tourism 2030/2050”. The follow-up to the Member States initiatives and to the EU Agenda for Tourism will be supported by the Tourism Advisory Committee. The Commission will also keep the Council informed of progress on co-implementing the tourism transition pathway through the Working Party on Tourism. The Industrial Forum oversees the transition pathways of all industrial ecosystems and will also be regularly updated on progress on the transition pathway for tourism.

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