Soil health in the Western Balkans

This study is a compilation of evidence to support the development of a soil component for a JRC Science for Policy Report on the “Status of Environment and Climate in the Western Balkans”1. This document attempts to benchmark a range of issues affecting soil health with considerations on the accession progress for an eventual Soil Health Law under the 2030 Soil Strategy.
The outcomes reported here are based on a literature review of 139 sources, bilateral exchanges with national soil experts in all Western Balkans countries, and on the personal experience of the authors. It should be emphasised that current data are scarce, and as such, the results should be considered as a primarily assessment and not definitive.
Based on the results of this study it is concluded that soil degradation is prevalent and extensive throughout the Western Balkans region. Soils are under pressure, but the intensity of various soil health indicators varies between them and among the countries. Climate change was not part of this study. Nevertheless, its impacts will be relevant in the coming decades, if not preventive mitigation, remediation, and adaptation actions will be needed to lessen their impacts.
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