[Presentation at SP Feb. 2023] The Western Balkans initiative at Elettra: Scientists from Western Balkans for synchrotron radiation research

Fabio Mazzolini, International Relations Officer of Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste introduced the research centre and investigations carried out in the facilities, furthermore introduced scholarship programmes provided by the organisation that are dedicated to the Western Balkans.

SYnchrotron Radiation Training Educational Programme for the Western Balkans at Elettra (SYRTEP – WB) offers PhD scholarship opportunities, while SYnchrotron Radiation Internship Programme for the Western Balkans at Elettra (SYRIP - WB) provides Postdoctoral fellowship opportunities in synchrotron radiation techniques and applications.

The presentation was made in the frame of the Meeting of the Western Balkans Steering Platforms on Education and Training & Research and Innovation held in Skopje on 15-16 February 2023.

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Fabio Mazzolini
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