Regional Approach for Improving Digital Skills in WB6 Economies

The report provides an analysis of digital skills in the six Western Balkan economies Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Republic of North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia and addresses the findings for three target groups: (i) citizens; (ii) labor force; (iii) ICT professionals.
The recommendation for further development of digital skills at the regional level are formulated and is important to mention that the topic of digital skills in the pre-university education system deserves a specific focus and it is out of the scope of this report.

The document begins with the description of the methodology followed; it provides the background of the ever growing need for digital skills in life, in society and for the economy; the definition of digital skills; the related factors of development of digital skills in the WB6 context. The general context of the Western Balkans region, the regional initiatives for the digital agenda in the framework of MAP REA and the relevant data for the digital economy are followed by a detailed analysis for each economy based on the methodology presented at the beginning of this report. For each
economy are analyzed the current policies and strategies that affect or are otherwise interlinked with digital skills, the main stakeholders and the survey data and, to the extent possible, the initiatives, activities and programs in the field of digital skills. After the assessment of the WB6 economies, an analysis of the relevant framework to address the issues is presented based in the EU approach and instruments. The report is wrapped up with findings and regional recommendations

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