Open access to JRC research infrastructures

The European Commission‘s Joint Research Centre (JRC) gives leading researchers from across Europe and beyond access to its world-class facilities and laboratories, enabling state-of-the-art experimental research, collaboration and capacity building with a European dimension. It does so through the programme for open access to JRC research infrastructures.

European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Jenet, A., Acosta-Iborra, B., Aldave de la Heras, L., et al., Open access to JRC research infrastructures, Publications Office, 2021,


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Corporate author(s): Joint Research Centre (European Commission) Personal author(s): Jenet, A ; Acosta-Iborra, B ; Aldave de la Heras, L ; Aregbe, Y ; Barrero, J ; Boboridis, K ; Bremer-Hoffman, S ; Bruchhausen, M ; Caciuffo, R ; Colineau, E ; Colpo, P ; Eloirdi, R ; Gilliland, D ; Heyse, J ; Hult, M ; Lamperti Tornaghi, M ; Malkow, T ; Molina, F.J ; Nieuweling, C ; Nilsson, K.-F ; Novotny, R ; Oberstedt, S ; Pegon, P ; Peroni, M ; Pfrang, A ; Plompen, A ; Ruiz-Moreno, A ; Schillebeeckx, P ; Schmidtler, S.-Z ; Sokull-Kluettgen, B ; Taucer, F ; Tsionis, G ; Tuček, K ; Vegro, S
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