Communicating Science in Times of COVID-19, A selective overview of good practices

The CCA on Science Communication has produced a publication on how to communicate science in times of COVID-19. On 22 July 2020, the COST CCA on Science Communication held a webinar on science communication activities during COVID 19. With an international audience of participants from a wide range of sectors, the event stimulated fresh thinking on these topics, by showing how new approaches are implemented and how conventional wisdom is challenged. The contributions to the webinar are published as chapters in this publication.

Providing a selective overview of good practices, the publication highlights examples and reflections from 10 CCA members who come from a variety of organisations and sectors across Europe. In the publication, the CCA members elaborate on how they redesigned their science communication activities during COVID-19. The 10 chapters describe the new and altered science communication activities, provide advice and recommendations to colleagues in the field, and explain the impact of COVID on the practice of science communication.

“Europe needs a new ambitious research agenda for the science of science communication that will ensure robust, and socially sustainable relations between science, policy and society for the next decade. The CCA represents the European science communication community’s commitment to contributing to a better and stronger voice of science in Europe.” Professor David Budtz Pedersen, Chair of the COST CCA in Science Communication. 

The publication highlights the fact that, in this new socio-technical reality, effective communication is more needed than ever. Several CCA members stress the need for an interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral debate on how to respond to complex societal problems such as COVID-19. In addition to concrete examples of initiatives introduced during the course of the pandemic, the contributions reveal some widely endorsed trends and recommendations.

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