Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Albania with Focus on Tirana

This study was carried out against the background of the ‘EU for Innovation’ project, supported by the European Union and implemented by the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and the Swedish Embassy Tirana, which seeks to improve the innovation ecosystem and boost start-up creation in Albania.

The objective of the research was to:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of the innovation and start-up ecosystem in Albania, with a special focus on Tirana
  • Identify capacities and challenges of selected ecosystem stakeholders and
  • Develop potential interventions the project can conduct to strengthen and empower support organizations, to create an innovation ecosystem and to support innovative start-ups


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Source: http://challengefund.euforinnovation.al/entrepreneurial-ecosystem-in-albania-with-focus-on-tirana/

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  • Research paper


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Kate Hach & Eileen Trenkmann
Geographical focus
  • Albania
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary
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