Joint Statement - Turn ideas into actions: Invest in Junior Scientists and Jobs for Growth

The 3rd Joint Science Conference of the Western Balkan Process/ Berlin Process (JSC-WBP) convened at the French Acadèmie des sciences – Institut de France in Paris to take further the process started in Germany in July 2015 and continued to Austria in May 2016. The outcomes of both the 1st and the 2nd JSC-WBP were summarised in Joint Statements, which were endorsed by the Heads of State and Government at the Western Balkans Summits in Vienna (2015) and Paris (2016).

The 3rd JSC-WBP focused on two major topics:
  • Investing in Junior Scientists and
  • Education and Innovation for Jobs and Growth.
The parties welcome the announcement made by Italy’s Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei to hold the next Joint Science Conference of the Western Balkans Process in 2018.
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