WB6 Sustainability Charter Monitoring Report in the Western Balkans

In the lead up to the WB6 Summit in Trieste (12 July, 2017), progress in a number of measures of the Sustainability Charter have been achieved by the Western Balkan 6 countries. The market for energy services is advancing in Serbia, with the adoption of secondary legislation and project tendering in public buildings and street lighting. The work on transposition of Directive 2010/31/EU (EPPBD) is also ongoing in all WB6 countries and recent progress was achieved by Albania and Kosovo* with the adoption of EPBD laws.

On smart support measures for renewable energy deployment, decisive progress has been made in Albania since the last reporting period, with the adoption of the Law on Promotion of the Use of Energy from Renewable Sources. With respect to climate action, countries are generally fulfilling their reporting obligations to the UNFCCC.

The activity of the various national authorities dealing with the promotion of investments is not satisfactory, as they provide little support for investors confronted with the highly bureaucratic administrative systems of the WB6 countries.

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