Montenegro Research Infrastructures Roadmap 2015-2020

The main objective of the Roadmap is to define and present the priorities and potentials of Montenegro in the field of research infrastructures (RI). By its content, the Roadmap is complementary to the Strategy for scientific research activities in Montenegro for the period 2012/2016, in the first place, but also to the other strategic and legal framework in the area of science and research up to 2020.

The Roadmap provides a comprehensive overview of the current and planned activities at the national level, related to the RI field, their synergy and effective distribution of available funds, to serve as the focal point for governmental authorities in order to make future plans for RI investment at national and international level and direct RI development. Thus, this document provides a level of predictability and understanding of the national plans, as well as monitoring the implementation of public policies and objectives in the RI field.

A coordinated approach to RI investment encourages greater collaboration between public and private bodies/organizations and researchers, stimulating multidisciplinary research and fostering linkages. This in turn facilitates entirely new research outcomes

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Ministry of Science
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  • Montenegro
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