Innovation Strategy of the Republic of Macedonia for 2012-2020

The innovation strategy takes into account the country’s current state of development to ensure that policies to promote innovation are both focused and relevant for the country. What works well in the context of an elaborate research and innovation system may therefore not be so effective in the Republic of Macedonia. The strategy was designed within the framework of the Regional Competitiveness Initiative, a project conducted by the OECD Investment Compact for South East Europe with the financial support of the European Union. As part of this project, the government has requested the support of the OECD in developing an innovation strategy. Following a review of the national innovation system and a conference to allow stakeholders to discuss what the priorities and policies of the innovation strategy should be, this document was drafted by a combination of government officials and OECD experts.




The Innovation Strategy complements existing government documents such as the Strategy for Industrial Policy 2009-2020, the SME Strategy for 2002-2013, the Research and Development Programme of the Government and the current Government Programme. For instance, many policy areas and objectives covered by the Ministry of Economy’s Strategy on Industrial Policy 2009-2020 such as “Applicable R&D and Innovation” are also part of the Innovation Strategy. Furthermore, the Innovation Strategy pays particular attention to increasing the innovative capabilities of SMEs and is hence in line with the national SME policy based on the European “Small Business Act”. Finally, the Innovation Strategy complements the new Government programme on R&D. While the latter has a focus on research institutions, the Innovation Strategy covers research institutions in the context of developing human resources for innovation and establishing linkages and knowledge flows with the businesses sector.

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Republic of North Macedonia
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