DRDSI - State of play and organisational context of data infrastructure in the Bosnia and Herzegovina

The infrastructural development- DRSDI should go in parallel with the implementation of the INSPIRE infrastructure. Back in 2008, the Stabilization and Association Agreement between the EU and Bosnia and Herzegovina were signed. One of the objectives of the Agreement is that the EU should provide guidance to B&H through partnerships concerning the reform priorities in the harmonization of regulations (among which is the INSPIRE Directive). However, to this day the directive has not been established and implemented on the entire territory of B&H.

However the Law on Copyright and Related Rights, Freedom Of Access To Information Act and the Administration Act were all adopted at all state levels. It is clear that the various organizations are responsible for various registers, some of which are made in accordance with the INSPIRE specifications, and some which are not. Therefore, DRSDI should use all existing registers, as well as other information and services, in order to obtain further data. In addition to official data (either spatial or non-spatial), a large amount of information is available from non-governmental institutions which are, generally, not spatially oriented, but manage and use standard ICT tools for different registers. It is estimated that there are about 12,000 NGOs in B&H.

This document provides an overview of official data providers, political and other organizations directly or indirectly involved in the exchange of data. For each of the above categories an introduction and analysis of the structure of the organization will be given. Also, it’s presented the readiness assessment for introducing DRDSI for each category. In the end, some conclusions in terms of assessing the state-of -play in B&H, as well as recommendations on how to implement them with key stakeholders in DRDSI are presented.

The DRDSI project was proposed as one of the flagship actions of Priority Area 07 "To develop the Knowledge Society (research, education and ICT)" of the EUSDR.

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Slobodanka Ključanin, PhD
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  • Danube Macroregion
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