Towards Entrepreneurial Higher Education Institutions in South East Europe and Turkey

The publication presents the results of a series of piloting activities implemented by higher education institutions in South East Europe and Turkey to engage in entrepreneurial learning.  The specific objective of the SEECEL pilot project framework was to incorporate entrepreneurial learning into existing study programmes and/or develop awareness of and aspirations for entrepreneurship among students of non-business studies at 15 partner higher education institutions in the region.

"It has become a global trend in national and trans-national education policies to frame education primarily in terms of its relationship to the economy, with an emphasis on its contribution to creating knowledge-based societies (e.g. Brown & Lauder, 2001; Bell & Stevenson 2006; Rizvi & Lingard, 2009). One of the main ways in which higher education is seen as contributing to economic development is through human capital development."

Source: SEECEL

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Thomas farnell, Entrepreneurial Learning Expert, SEECEL Efka Heder, director, SEECEL Maja Ljubić, Assistant director, SEECEL
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  • Western Balkans
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