The Scientific Diaspora as the Brain Gain Option: Exploring the Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Abstract: In the past decades, many countries around the globe faced the consequences of the brain drain phenomenon. Bosnia and Herzegovina is not an exemption in this regard. As the prospects  for  mobility  change,  it  is  reasonable  to  expect  that  this  would  also  affect  the movement  of highly skilled  individuals.  Meanwhile,  BiH has done very little in terms of responding to these new challenges. In particular, it has thus far not strategically considered the  added-value  of  its  numerous  highly  qualified  diaspora  for  countering  these  negative trends. By combining primary research results with other available data, this article attempts to delineate the urgent steps BiH has to make in order to take advantage of the development potentials its diaspora presents. We seek to look into the interest and present experience of highly qualified diaspora members in regards to cooperation possibilities with BiH’s public and academic  institutions.  In the case of BiH, some formal and informal  highly qualified diaspora networks already exist. Networks of this kind have shown to be an important factor in developing brain gain policies. Presently, the BiH diaspora option and strategic planning in this regard is still in what could be denoted as an early phase of articulation, since the only state institution explicitly dealing with the diaspora is a Department within the State Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees. In a more advanced phase, the jurisdiction over brain gain policies  needs to be broadened  to include an array of state actors working on devising an extensive  strategy on how to involve  its expatriates into the broader national development plan,  not  to  miss  the  opportunity  to  utilize  the  potential  this  population  has  for  the development of BiH. This study was prepared by ACIPS in 2010.

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