EC Progress report 2015 Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Related to Research and Innovation, the progress report 2015 for fyr of Macedonia addresses the following:

There is a good level of preparation in the area of science and research. Good progress was made with respect to actions on innovation, and with initial and active participation in the EU Research and Innovation Programme "Horizon 2020".

In the coming year, the country should focus on: 
→ actions to strengthen the research capacity in line with the European Research Area; 
→ increasing the level investment in research in particular by the private sector.

A network of national contact points was established and representatives in the Horizon 2020 Programme Committees, have been nominated. Several workshops and information days on Horizon 2020 have been organised which resulted in a large number of applicants submitting proposals for funding. Based on first Horizon 2020 statistics, about 20 projects were successfully evaluated. An Action Plan on promotion and support for participation in Horizon 2020 was adopted focussing on SMEs and mobility of scientists. The country cooperates actively at regional level on the implementation of the Regional Strategy on Research for Innovation and with the Central European Initiative (CEI) and UNESCO.
As regards policy actions on research and innovation, the country concentrated on innovation. Implementation of the National Innovation Strategy is high on the political agenda, as demonstrated by the allocation of EUR 20 million (in part with a World Bank loan) through the Fund for Innovation and Technological development to facilitate access to risk capital to co-finance innovations, new technologies start-ups and spinoff companies. As regards strengthening research capacity, a new 2015-2019 programme for higher education and scientific and research activities is being prepared, aiming at funding national research in line with the EU priority areas. The level of investment in research stagnated at less than 0.30%. The country nominated representatives to the European Research Area Committee and related advisory bodies but due to lack of administrative capacity participation was limited.

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