EC Progress report 2015 Kosovo*

Related to Research and Innovation, the progress report 2015 for Kosovo* addresses the following:

Preparations in education and research are at an early stage. There has been no progress in this area over the last year. The quality of education needs to be considerably improved.

In the coming year, Kosovo should in particular:
→ improve quality of education at all levels and improve access to quality education for marginalised groups, especially children with disabilities, Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian children;
→ ensure the autonomy and independent operation of higher education institutions and adopt a new law for higher education based on international standards; 
→ strengthen research and innovation capacity through reform of higher education institutions and increase investment in research, both in the public and private sectors.

Kosovo has taken limited action to develop its research and innovation capacity. The capacity of universities in Kosovo to undertake research work is extremely limited, which negatively affects the quality of post-graduate programmes and innovation. The budget for research remains insufficient as the level of investment in research is still below 0.2 % of GDP. The law on scientific research activities is not being implemented due to a lack of funding. The link between research and business remains weak. Kosovo participates in the EU research and innovation programme 'Horizon 2020' but the number of projects evaluated successfully and receiving funding is very small.

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