EC Progress report 2015 Bosnia and Herzegovina

Related to Research and Innovation, the progress report 2015 for Bosnia and Herzegovina addresses the following:

Preparations on education and research and innovation policy are at an early stage. There was no progress in these sectors but Bosnia and Herzegovina actively participated in different cultural programmes as well as research networks and activities.

In the coming year, the country should in particular: 
→ step up coordination and harmonisation of the legal framework on education; 
→ strengthen the capacity of State-level education agencies to develop EU standards, including for quality assurance in education; 
→ step up efforts to strengthen the research and innovation capacity.

On research and innovation policy, following Bosnia and Herzegovina's association to the EU's 'Horizon 2020' programme, a Network of National Contact Points (NCPs) was established and representatives in the Horizon 2020 Programme Committees were nominated.
Bosnia and Herzegovina also organised several workshops and information days on Horizon 2020 but based on initial statistics, successful participation is limited. Further efforts are needed to increase the country's participation in particular on research and innovation actions on societal challenges and on participation of SMEs as well as on scientific excellence in general.
Bosnia and Herzegovina continues to show good participation in COST, the framework supporting trans-national cooperation among researchers, engineers and scholars across Europe, but the country's participation in Eureka is less successful. Bosnia and Herzegovina cooperates at regional level as co-signatory of the Regional Strategy on Research for Innovation, with the Central European Initiative (CEI) and with UNESCO.
At policy level, some progress was made on human capital building as more universities and institutes signed the European Charter for Researchers and a Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. Bosnia and Herzegovina participates regularly in the European Research Area Committee (ERAC) and related advisory bodies and in regional networks and initiatives. According to statistical data from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the total expenditure on research (both public and private investment) amounted to less than 69.6 EUR million or 0.27% of its GDP in 2012.

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