Knowledge And Technology Transfer Between Science And Business: Academic KTT Offices` Experience And Good Practise

The publication was intended to provide an overview of the knowledge and technology transfer services and their qualitative and quantitative comparisons. The most relevant KTT services recognized are assisting R&D collaboration, contract research projects and scientific/technological services, commercialization of R&D results by patenting, licensing and student projects with businesses. The publication also presents an assessment of different aspects of KTT in practices that can be applied by newly established offices in the Western Balkans region.

Besides the general issues on KTT modes, the publication also deals with the set of measures and incentives suitable to motivate the researchers to participate the KTT activities, as well as the set of metrics for assessment of the KTT offices performance.

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  • Deliverable – other projects


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  • Western Balkans
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  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

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