ERA progress report - 2013

EU leaders have repeatedly stressed the importance of completing the European Research Area, setting a deadline of 2014 in European Council conclusions of February 2011 and March 2012.

This report comes one year after adoption of the Communication "A Reinforced European Research Area Partnership for Excellence and Growth", which identified actions Member States should take to achieve ERA. It provides a factual baseline for an in-depth assessment of ERA that will be conducted in 2014.

It is a first comprehensive analysis of the state of the 'single market' for research, or the European Research Area (ERA) and provides a factual base for assessing progress in target areas like open and fair recruitment of researchers or better circulation of scientific knowledge. It shows that some progress has been made, but that even the best performing research institutions still have issues to address ahead of the 2014 deadline for ERA, as set by EU leaders. 

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Directorate-General for Research and Innovation Directorate B – European Research Area Unit B1 – ERA Policy Contact: Daniel Deybe European Commission B-1049 Brussels Tel. +32 229 86656 Fax +32 229 61663 E-mail:
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