EUREKA Annual Report 2012

The EUREKA 2012 Annual Report is now publicly available on the EUREKA Network website. Compiled during the Hungarian and Turkish chairs, the 84 pages report features ten chapters of in-depth analysis and reporting on individual programs within EUREKA and even a EUREKA country review.

EUREKA’s long history proves that it has the ability to nurture innovation, focus on the needs of industry and society, and achieve results in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Its bottom-up approach, flexibility, user-friendliness and closeness to the marketplace are all acknowledged. It is also generally acknowledged that the impact upon the ERA will be maximised by retaining these qualities, which have contributed to EUREKA’s success to date.

With this report, the public can assess EUREKA’s successes and discover their countries participation in EUREKA and its individual projects, clusters, umbrellas and even the Eurostars program. Job creation figures, public funding amounts and additional turnover figures of projects are included in each EUREKA programs (clusters, umbrellas etc.) section. 

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