Spotlight on ERC projects in Central and Eastern Europe - Brochure June 2013

Central and Eastern Europe: a hub for scientific excellence. This is the theme of the recently published ERC brochure.
Famous names like Nicolaus Copernic, Sigmund Freud or Szent-Györgyi Nagyrapolt Albert have populated the history of sciences in Central and Eastern Europe for years. 
The European Research Council (ERC) today continues to believe that excellence in science may be found anywhere. However, the number of grants awarded to researchers in Central and Eastern Europe remains relatively low.
The ERC has recently engaged in a campaign to encourage a broader participation in its funding calls, with a view to increase the number of successful 
applicants from this region. It also called for national research systems to invest in science and to champion excellence in science.
With its grants, the ERC supports the very best scientists of any nationality and any age who wish to pursue their frontier research in Europe. It nurtures 
the most brilliant ideas on the basis of scientific excellence.
In this brochure, the ERC presents several examples of excellent research conducted in Central and Eastern Europe. The projects featured address various challenges: from discovering novel types of antibiotics, developing innovative biochips that detect diseases or new techniques for weather predictability, to decoding the attitudes of citizens towards public goods.
Among the others, the brochure presents also a research project  by Prof. Stipan Jonjic of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Rijeka,  focussing on  vaccines which offer superior protection compared to the one following natural infection.
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