Outlook for MacroeconomicDevelopment in the Western Balkans - Update May 2013

This brief report provides WBIF stakeholders with an update of the macro-economic data originally presented in the “Food for Thought” paper prepared for the WBIF Steering Committee in June 2012 and the subsequent first Data Update prepared for the WBIF Steering Committee in December 2012. See www.wbif.eu/Macroeconomic Issues.
It is intended to contribute the on-going discussions under the WBIF regarding how best to address the dynamic and challenging environment for investment in the region, particularly under the WBIF.
The data used are the latest available from independent secondary sources (including IMF April 2013 World Economic Outlook and latest country reports by IMF for macro-fiscal data on Western Balkans countries1, EUROSTAT for macro-fiscal data on the EU countries, and Statistics Agencies and/or Central Banks of the Western Balkans countries for unit labour productivity, exports, and employment). The same source was used for each indicator for all countries where possible, in order to preserve data comparability.
The data on the WBIF pipeline are derived from the WBIF MIS Monitoring Table on May 1, 2013.
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