Guide to Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS 3)

This guide has been conceived as a methodological guidance for policy-makers and implementing bodies on how to prepare for and how to design, draft and implement a national/regional research and innovation strategy for smart specialisation (RIS3). 
Rather than an all-encompassing, prescriptive document, the guide is to be understood as a general orientation document which will evolve as the concept develops. Indeed, the document will be improved and updated on a regular basis. 
Most of the concepts developed here are based on the previous experience that the European Commission has gained over the years by working with the regions through initiatives such as STRIDE and the PRAIS, as well as the former RIS. It also gained from comparative studies by the OECD in this field. 
This guide intends to highlight new features and aspects that improve the previous knowledge and make innovation strategies and policies more effective. Countries and regions that already have gained experience in designing and implementing innovation strategies should now support activities for revisiting and upgrading them, while for the others the challenge is to engage in this process and develop their own innovation strategies for smart specialisation. 
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Dominique Foray John Goddard Xabier Goenaga Beldarrain Mikel Landabaso Philip McCann Kevin Morgan Claire Nauwelaers Raquel Ortega-Argilés
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