SME participation progress report in FP7

The European Commission has undoubtedly paid special attention to the funding for SMEs under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) so far, and intends to continue to do so. In addition to the SME-specific measures under the Capacity programme (through the scheme Research for the benefit of SMEs), the Decision establishing FP71 as a matter of fact provides for a target of at least 15% of the funding of the Cooperation programme to go to SMEs. The aim of the SME progress reports is to monitor the participation of SMEs in the Cooperation Programme within FP7. This ninth SME progress report analyses SME participation in grant agreements that have been signed up to the end of September 2012.

This report also provides in-depth statistics about the composition of project consortia: 74.5% of all the grant agreements involve at least one SME and 11.1% of all the projects have an SME as its coordinator. The average EU contribution going to SMEs participating in thematic research projects so far has been about €275000 per project. When looking at FP7 in its entirety – including Research for the Benefit of SMEs and the Marie- Curie Actions – the conclusion is that of the about 91000 participations, 16000 are SMEs, receiving an average EU contribution of €253000. The SME participations represent 10807 individual SMEs out of the 27549 individual organisations participating in FP7.

Source: EC Research and Innovation

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European Commission –DG Research & Innovation – SME Unit, with the support of the Interservice Taskforce on SMEs in FP7
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