7EU Vocational Education - VET (Detailed Methodological Approach to Understanding the VET Education) project’s final report

7EU VET (Detailed Methodological Approach to Understanding the VET Education) project’s final report Insights Into the Learning Experiences of 17 and 18 Year Old VET Students in 7 EU Countries) has been published.

The report is result of a hard work of eight partners: Univerza v Ljubljani, 3S Research Laboratory - Forschungsverein, Technische Universitat Darmstadt, Kauno technologijos universitetas, Rigas Tehniska Universitate, Technological Educational Institute of Crete, University of Warwick and CFE (Research and Consulting).

In the context of an economic downturn and the growing flexibilisation of the economy, qualification pro-cesses are also influenced by demographic pressures, including migration and the problem of the social inclusiveness of the deprivileged population which increasingly embraces young people. In this context, European policy developments in the area of VET in Europe1 address the following four main categories:
1. Curricular developments.

2. Stakeholders’ positioning and functions.

3. Implementation of policy tools.

4. Other issues involve problems and challenges arising in interrelated areas

Source: email by Vasja Vehovar and Bozidar Grigic

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Genoveva Brandstetter, Barbara N. Brečko, Marek Fuchs, Božidar Grigić, Günter Hefler, Tereza Karpathiotaki, Simon Laub, Lea Lebar, Virginija Limanauskiene, Jörg Markowitsch, Andrew McCoshan, Samo Pavlin, Nikolaos Sakkas, Vjaceslavs Sitikovs, Julian Stanley and Silvia Zimmel
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