[Success stories] Handmade Albania

"The project Handmade Albania by a team of young technology-savvy people committed to social innovation and entrepreneurship is awarded First Prize in the Albanian National Business Plan Competition - OECD Investment Compact for South East Europe, METE, AIDA, with the support of the European Union.
“In a world of sameness people are looking for unique expressions of their individuality and are willing to pay a premium for products that are not mass-produced and exhibit a cultural identity. On the other hand, talented artists – artisans – in Albania are capable of creating beautiful hand-crafted products but are unable to reach remote markets. We are technology-savvy and have a passion for offering artisans enhanced opportunities and consumers increased happiness with products that address their concerns for authenticity, distinctive design, and superior functionality. We create not only a commercial connection, but also an emotional one between maker and user, and that is the key to our future success” – Handmade Albania Team led by Erjon Curraj" [...]

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Erjon Curraj, PhD Candidate
Research Fellow– Information and Communication Technology and Social Innovation
UET Centre for Development and Research
Email: erjon.curraj@uet.edu.al ; ecurraj@uetcentre.org

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Erjon Curraj
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