[Success stories] Qorraj the first Jean Monnet Chair Professor in Kosovo

"I’m proud to hold a Jean Monnet Chair the architect of the European Union and I’m happy to promote his vision for the European Integration. At the same time I’m privileged to be the first Jean Monnet Chair Professor in Kosovo and among distinguished professors in the world. I was inspired from the great idea and vision of Jean Monnet who makes possible that European dream comes to reality. A driver of this success is my hard work on EU integration issues such as lectures on European Union as well as practical work on EU integration area. I’m thankful to European Commission, Brussels for being eligible to participate on Lifelong Learning Programmes and support of Jean Monnet Team with useful advises." [...]

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Prof. Gazmend QORRAJ, Jean Monnet Chair
University of Prishtina, Faculty of Economics
Str. Agim Ramadani, Pa Nr, 10000, Kosovo Office Nr.94
Tel: +377 44 640 161

email: gazmendqorraj@yahoo.com

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Prof. Gazmend QORRAJ, Jean Monnet Chair
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