European Competitiveness Report 2012: Reaping the benefits of globalization

European competitiveness is at the centre of analysis of the yearly competitiveness report of the European Commission. Its main focus is on recent changes of the EU's productivity growth, which is the key driver of competitiveness in the long run.

The 2012 edition of the European Competitiveness Report provides new empirical evidence for understanding the drivers of industrial competitiveness and the opportunities and constraints faced by European enterprises in the post-crisis recession.

The focus of the 2012 report is on maximizing the benefits of globalization. It studies:
• the development of global value chains and their impact on the value added of exports;
• energy efficiency as a determinant of export performance;
• the potential of FDI flows;
• the role of business networks; and
• the potential of European neighbourhood policies for reaping the benefits of globalisation.

The topics presented in the report are important because many of the drivers of and the challenges to the recovery of industrial demand and employment are to be found outside Europe. The new industrial markets outside the EU are key to European competitiveness, particularly in the context of the recovery. More importantly, however, they are crucial for European industrial competitiveness in the long term. This is because the emerging industrialised economies are increasingly competing with Europe not only in traditional exports but also in knowledge-intensive industries. Fast-growing new industrial powers outside Europe present European firms with both challenges and opportunities. These have either not been fully studied or their implications for European industrial policies have remained ambiguous.

Source: European Competitiveness Report 2012

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