Presentation of the Seminar "SMART SEE: Thinking of the future based on the experience gained"

The presentation given during the seminar "SMART SEE: Thinking of the future based on the experience gained" held in Timisoara (Romania) on October 30th 2012 is now available.

The aim of the seminar in Timisoara was helping to prepare in better conditions the future of transnational cooperation and the programmes in the Southeast of Europe in the framework of the debates on the next programming period. In order to get more focused debates and concrete conclusions, specific themes have been selected to be addressed in a series of seminars starting with the one in Timisoara covering the main areas addressed by the EU2020 Strategy (Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth). This group of seminars is a unique opportunity for project partners related to the field to influence the future of territorial cooperation in the area. This contribution offered to project partners will help to better define the future themes to be covered by the Southeast area programmes which give an appropriate answer to real society needs.

Apart from those presentations given during the plenary sessions, two workshops were organised covering one of these thematic objectives "Strengthening research, technological development and innovation" and "Enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs". The conclusions gained during the seminar are being collected in a document as a valid input for the preparation of the next round of programmes in the area, considering the legacies of the current programming period to be maintained and the needed changes to be implemented.

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