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"The FOPER story started in 2003, when a consortium of forestry faculties and research institutes decided to bring to life Ilpo Tikkanen’s idea to establish an innovative capacity building program in the Western Balkan region for forest policy and economics. This consortium of organizations led by European Forest Institute developed a project proposal for the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA). In 2004, this proposal was approved and FOPERI- Strengthening Capacities of Education and Training for Forest Policy and Economics Development in Western Balkan Regionwas officially launched. From that day on, FOPER is writing its own story." [...]

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Doni Blagojevic
Project Officer
European Forest Institute
Varaždin, Croatia
Email: doni.blagojevic@efi.int


  • Ilpo Tikkanen, Head of Programme, EFI, Policy and Governance Unit, (2004-2012)
  • Tomi Tuomasjukka, EFI, Analyst Team Leader, and FOPER I coordinator (2004-2008)
  • Mari Pitkanen, EFI, FOPER I Project Officer (2004-2008)
  • Prof. Dr. Margaret A. Shannon, Ph.D., EFI, FOPER II Coordinator (2009-2013)
  • Doni Blagojevic, M.Sc., Fac. of Forest. Banja Luka, BIH, Focal Point (2007-2009), EFI, Project Officer (2009-2013).
  • Dijana Vuletic, Ph.D., CFRI. Croatia, Focal Point (2004-2009).
  • Silvija Krajter, M.Sc., CFRI. Croatia, Focal Point (2009-2012).
  • Prof. Dragan Nonic, Ph.D., Fac. of Forest. Serbia, Focal Point (2004-2006).
  • Nenad Petrovic, Ph.D., Fac. of Forest. Serbia,   Focal Point (2006-2012) and MSc Coordinator.
  • Radovan Nevenic, Ph.D., Inst. of For. Serbia, Focal Point (2004-2012).
  • Prof. Dr. Hajri Haska, Ph.D., FPRI-Agency, Albania, Focal Point (2004-2011).
  • Prof. Dr. Leonida Peri, Ph.D., Fac. of Forestry Sciences, Albania, Focal Point (2004-2012).
  • Prof. Dr. Mersudin Avdibgovic, Ph.D. Fac. of For. Sarajevo, BIH, Focal Point (2004-2012) and FOPER MSc Coordinator.
  • Dane Marceta, M.Sc., Fac. of Forest. Banja Luka, BIH, Focal Point (2009-2012).
  • Prof. Dr. Makedonka Stojanovska, Ph.D., Fac. of Forest. Macedonia, Focal Point (2004-2012).
  • Mirjana Stevanov, M.Sc., Inst. of Low.For. and Env., Serbia, Focal point (2010-2012).
  • Prof. Dr. Stjepan Posavec, Ph.D., Fac. of Forest. Croatia, FOPER Project associate
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