Interview with Dr. Аttila Havas

Attila Havas, PhD is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and regional editor of International Journal of Foresight and Innovation Policy. He is the leader of the team that is responsible for designing the FORSEE Regional Foresight Methodology. His academic interests are in economics of innovation, national and sectoral innovation systems, theory and practice of innovation policy, the inter-relationships between STI and other policies, and (technology) foresight as a policy tool. He holds a PhD in economics (The Diffusion of New Technologies) from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1997.

In this interview Atilla Havas, PhD discusses about advantages of the Foresight methodology for research and innovation activities, what the Foresight experience of the region is so far and what he expects from the implementation of the FORSEE project for the region in the long run. Main advantage of the Foresight, according to Attila Havas, is that it can be applied practically at all policy domains. "Another major advantage of foresight is that participatory processes align the actors around major issues – technological, economic or societal problems to be solved, and opportunities to be seized – and that would lead to an easier mobilisation of people, ideas, financial and natural resources, as well as actions of the major decision-makers in a better orchestrated way."

He believes that lessons from the FORSEE project can be extremely valuable when designing and conducting further regional foresight programmes, either in the SEE countries or beyond the region.

The whole interview is available here.

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