Fifth FP7 Monitoring Report - Monitoring report 2011

The Fifth FP7 Monitoring Report covers the implementation of the Framework Programme in the years 2007-2011. It is based on the FP7 Monitoring system, which was designed as an internal management tool using a core set of performance indicators.

In section 2 this document provides a detailed analysis of FP7 participation patterns in 2011. FP7 implementation management and quality issues are the focus of section 3 and include the current situation with regard to the simplification process and also the results of a survey on the perception of FP7 implementation and simplification by National Contact Points (NCPs). Section 4 presents some of the elements of the Framework Programme which deserve a special focus. Section 5 looks at the early achievements of the programme.
The FP7 Monitoring system is complementary to existing systems of data collecting and monitoring at operational level and within different DGs. While a substantial part of the report is based on existing material which has been already (at least partially) released, each annual Monitoring Report provides an integrated view on the different strands of FP7 activities.

Source: EU Framework Programme Monitoring

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