Call for Applications to the Higher Education Partnership Programme 2023-2026

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February 1, 2023
May 26, 2023
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The Higher Education Partnership Programmer (HEP) 2023-2026 supports collaboration projects between higher education institutions (HEIs) in Finland and in developing countries.

The HEP Programme is open for higher education partnership applications. Projects are to be implemented during 1.1.2024–31.8.2026.

The project proposed should fall within the prioritised thematic areas, target the ODA eligible countries and eligible actions defined in the HEP Programme Document. 

The state aid amounts to a maximum of 90 % of the total project budget and the project-specific aid ranges between 700 000–1 100 000 euros.

The state aid for projects applied for in the Higher Education Partnership Programme is a maximum of 700 000 euros. If the Finnish higher education institution is partnering with another Finnish higher education institution or more than one higher education institution in a developing country, the state aid can be a maximum of 1 100 000 euros.

The total programme budget to be allocated to the HEP projects amounts to approximately 7 million euros, which results in around 6-10 projects to be selected, depending on the project-specific budget levels.

HEP Programme Document 2023-2026

HEP Programme Document Attachments 1-5 

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs finances the HEP programme from Finland’s development cooperation funds and the Finnish National Agency for Education is responsible for the administration of the programme.

Read more about development cooperation guidelines and legislation on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including general conditions for the use of discretionary government grants.


How to apply


The call for applications is opened on the 27th of February 2023.

The applications, together with the required attachments, are submitted through the electronic government grant application system.

The deadline for the applications is 26th May at 16.15 (in Finnish time). 


The Project Document is to be signed by the Finnish Coordinator and all the partners, by a person legally entitled to sign on behalf of the Higher Education Institution.

All signatures should preferably be in the same project document but if this is not possible and the signatures are on separate sheets, the project name should be clearly indicated, as well as the date of the application, to guarantee that the partners have committed to and approve the very same Project Document.

Scanned signatures are accepted.

Agencies to be subcontracted do not have to sign the Project Document.

For further information on this announcement, please visit the source page here.

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