CfP "Rethinking Fiscal Policies in Albania"

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September 8, 2017
October 1, 2017
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“PASHKO European Institute” in cooperation with the Department of Finance, at the European University of Tirana, organizes the scientific conference with the theme “RETHINKING FISCAL POLICIES IN ALBANIA”.

Fiscal policies have a deep impact in the economic development, particularly in terms of consumption, FDIs, capital investments, informality, etc. Albania has built an experience with frequent changes of fiscal policy, adapting mainly to budget requirements, but missing, through years, the substantial opportunities of making fiscal policy quite instrumental in spurring economic growth consumption and investments. Albania needs to draft and implement a simple and balanced fiscal policy, which could provide the best harmonization between consumption, work and capital fiscal burden.

The conference will be hosted by the European University of Tirana, UET, in Dardhë, Korçë, on 07 October 2017.

Topics for discussion could be the following:

 • The role of fiscal policy in promoting economic growth, employment and attracting FDIs;

 • The quality of fiscal policies (best composition of public expenditure and tax policies);

• The consequences of fiscal policy in various areas of public interest;

 • The effect of (direct or indirect) taxes on country’s economic development.

However, the scope of the conference aims to be wider than topics listed above, and submissions on other related topics are also encouraged.

It is planned that the conference papers will be published on ECONOMICUS Magazine.

Payment for each paper is 50 euros

Deadline for submissions: 01 October 2017


For more information please contact Prof. As. Dr. Elvin Meka, at the following address:

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Economics; Finance; Fiscal Policies; Albania
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  • Albania
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  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

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