Eurostars -

Eurostars is a programme that supports research-performing small and medium enterprises, which develop innovative products, processes and services, to gain competitive advantage.

The Eurostars programme is is a funding and support programme, aimed at R&D-performing SMEs that wish to exploit the benefits that come with international collaboration.

Eurostars projects are:

  • transnational,
  • started and led by an SME,
  • involve at least two partners from two different Eurostars participating country,
  • involve at least one other partner from another Eurostars participating country, and
  • last no longer than three years.

Within two years of completion the product of research should be ready for market introduction.

Eurostars is a European joint programme, co-funded from the national budgets of 36 EUREKA countries and by the European Union through Horizon 2020. Eurostars has been carefully developed to answer to the specific needs of the R&D-performing SMEs, and targets the development of new products and services, giving easier access to international markets, thanks to the transnational nature of each project consortium.

Eurostars applications pass through a highly-competitive selection process, being scrutinised by a panel of international research and business experts, to ensure that only the best business ideas and strongest partnerships get the support they need. It has been repeatedly shown that Eurostars helps businesses grown their teams, discover new expertise – and attract private investors. That is why the EU has decided to increase its commitment to the programme from EUR 100 million in between 2008 and 2014 to a maximum of EUR 287 million under Horizon 2020 (2014-2020).

The Eurostars programme is open for applications on a continuous basis, with a minimum of two submission deadline dates per year. The Eurostars High Level Group (HLG) will decide on the frequency of the calls. The Eurostars Advisory Group (EAG) will decide on each submission deadline date. The EUREKA Secretariat informs potential applicants about the closing dates in good time.