European Research Area Policy Agenda - ERA Policy Agenda

The new ERA Policy Agenda, annexed to the Council conclusions on the ERA governance, sets out 20 concrete ERA actions for the period 2022-2024 to contribute to the priority areas defined in the Pact for Research and Innovation.

  1. Enable Open Science, including through the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)
  2. Propose an EU copyright and data legislative framework for research
  3. Reform  the Assessment System for research, researchers and institutions
  4. Promote attractive research careers, talent circulation and mobility
  5. Promote gender equality and foster inclusiveness
  6. Protect academic freedom in Europe
  7. Upgrade EU guidance for a better knowledge valorisation
  8. Strengthen research infrastructures
  9. Promote international cooperation
  10. Make EU research and innovation missions and partnerships key contributors to the ERA
  11. An ERA for green transformation
  12. Accelerate the green/digital transition of Europe’s key industrial ecosystems
  13. Empower Higher Education Institutions
  14. Bring Science closer to citizens
  15. Build-up research and innovation ecosystems to improve excellence and competitiveness
  16. Improve EU-wide access to excellence
  17. Enhance public research institutions’ strategic capacity
  18. Support the development of EU countries’ national processes for the ERA implementation
  19. Establish an ERA monitoring system
  20. Support research and innovation investments and reforms