European Research Area Actions - ERA Actions

As part of the new ERA communication, the European Commission has published a set of 20 voluntary ERA Actions for the time period of 2022 to 2024 in November 2021. The ERA Actions are supposed to be implemented by the European Member States and the countries associated to ERA in support of the first key achievement of the new ERA, the Pact for Research and Innovation, and are therefore grouped into the four priority areas defined in the Pact for Research and Innovation:

  1. Deepening a truly functioning internal market for knowledge
  2. Taking up together the green transition and digital transformation and other challenges with impact on society, and increasing society’s participation in the ERA
  3. Enhancing access to research and innovation excellence and enhancing interconnections between innovation ecosystems across the EU
  4. Advancing concerted research and innovation investments and reforms

An overview and further information regarding the ERA Actions is provided within the ERA Policy Agenda.